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Below and Beyond the Waterline – Coal Tar Epoxy

What and Why Andcoat Epoxy Coal Tar ?

Andcoat Epoxy Coal Tar is a specialist paint that is designed to resisting chemical attack and rigorous weather conditions. The product can do this because of the outstanding properties of epoxy with those of coal tar. This product has a finish that is generally 5 to 10 times as thick as standard paint finishes. Epoxy Coal Tar has also been designed as a heavy duty anti-corrosive and protective coating for iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and for other types of constructional materials such as concrete, bricks, timber etc.


This photo was taken by one of our customers who is a frequent Andcoat Epoxy Coal Tar user.


As you can see from the photo Andcoat Epoxy Coal Tar has been used to paint over an old wheel barrow. The thick black paint is brilliant at covering up old rust.

Narrow Boat Protection

What makes this product perfect for things Above and Below the Waterline? This product is anti-corrosive meaning it’s a great product to use on narrow boats underneath the waterline. Often the water in canals and rivers is contaminated with mud, oil and various other substances which could potentially be harmful to your boat. However Andcoat Coal Tar has been used and trusted by many narrow boat owners because of it’s thickness.

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