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Industrial Pain from Andrews Coatings

Working with the Best Brands: Mathys

Mathys is one of our most popular brands for a number of reasons. Its diverse and technically advanced range means that is suited to both the domestic and industrial market. The products are often so interchangeable, that they can be used in both settings. It has been used on a wide range of projects, some of them small, some of them exceptionally large.

As Mathys is a subsidiary brand of Rust-Oleum, there is often cross over in the work that they do. Particularly in the industrial sector.

Bay Bridge – San Francisco

Like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge turned to Mathys products to ensure it got the finish that was needed. They needed a quality finish, but they also needed products that could be relied on to stand up to the notorious San Francisco weather.

They chose to use Noxyde, a well loved industrial product in Mathys’ range. Andrews Coatings was involved in supplying these paints, and they were then used on the Metal cables that support the bridge.

Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen

Bourlaschouwburg is a theatre in Antwerp, Belgium, which was renovated in 2016. Mathys paints were used on the doors, and also on the walls and ceilings. The joints and cracks that were in slight disrepair were filled with Elastopro (replaced with Elastofill), and then overcoated with Pegaprim Isofix as a primer. It was finished with some Mathys Deco topcoats to give the attractive topcoat and finish.

The doors were also painted in Mathys paints they used a combination of FassiPrim with a Fassilux topcoat and Fassitek. The combination of these products gave the doors a long lasting attractive finish.

Closer to home . . .

At Andrews we very regularly turn to Mathys for domestic jobs. One f the most common products tat we recommend to people is Murfill. It’s ideal to use of the exterior of a property, as it doesn’t let water or moisture in, whilst also allowing the surface to breathe. It’s so diverse in terms of its capabilities that it is very often our “go to” product for exterior walls.

We have dry samples of Murfill in our offices. Anyone who is interested in buying Murfill is welcome to request one of these samples. We can send them out in the post, or you’re welcome to come into our Wolverhampton office.

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