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Colour Matching and What You Need To Know!

As you know we offer a colour matching service and every day we tint products to various different colours. The most common thing we hear is ”I’ve seen a colour online and the paint I’ve received is not the same colour”. We’re here to tell you why looking at a screen for a colour is NOT the best thing to do.

The main thing to realise is that when you’re looking at a colour on any form of screen- the colour/resolution will be different because of the brightness your screen portrays. If you have a low light screen or if you’re on a max brightness setting this can alter the colour you’re looking at quite drastically.

Below we have a prime example of a customer that has used Combi Color Gloss tinted to RAL 3000 for their tractor.


    Image result for ral 3000

This tractor is painted in red (RAL 3000) and to the right we have an an image that depicts RAL 3000 which when looking at that colour in comparison to the colour of the tractor look very different. When you look at different parts of the tractor you may notice that the front of the tractor looks a lot brighter than the back of the tractor this is due to the lighting within the photograph. Not only this, but the this image was taken during the day time meaning that the daylight exposed within the image also alters the shine of the red in relation to where the sunlight is hitting the tractor.

Although this may seem obvious, it is always worth checking a physical colour chart. We do offer RAL Cards  These are really handy to have as these Colour cards, show you the colour you will be choosing and make a great addition to any painters tool kit.The RAL Colour card allows you to know the code of the exact colour you’re after. Having one of these cards means you will know exactly what to ask for when you’re choosing a paint product.



Another option to get you your perfect colour would be to send us a sample . We will then match this colour for you and also send you the item back. Our team have matched colours ranging from items such as toilet seats to car parts – so if you have an item that you want colour matching just drop us a message to let us know what you’re sending and we will get this matched up for you.  As always if you have any other questions in relation to this article please contact us and we will be happy to help. 01902 710057





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