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Connecting with the Decorators Forum

This month we decided to catch up with one of the largest online forums that talks all things paint!

Mike, Who works on the website/forum has been in touch with us on why this group was created, The online forum connects painters and decorators from across the UK and is a great platform for people in the industry to connect. The forum allows people to share tips, post pictures, share jobs and advertise their business to other people. The website has been running since 2018 with the social networking groups even longer and has allowed members to receive the latest industry news, leave product reviews and share different projects. The website also features a monthly competition.


 ‘Phil Southam started the forum about 4 years ago and he did it because at the time there was no other good decorating related Facebook forum out there.”

If you’re a member of the forum you’ll probably realise there are many posts with different tricks of the trade, different jobs that people have from the day and of course many, many memes.

”Decorating can be a bit of a solitary profession. Especially if you’re like me, a one man band who sticks to domestic jobs. Connecting with The Decorators Forum is an escape. Plus it’s great to get other opinions from those in the same trade. Our members actually do quite a bit for charity too, which is absolutely amazing to see.”

When I first started reading some of the posts on the forum I couldn’t help but laugh! So many people in the forum connect from all over during their breaks at work. More often than not, the forum will engage in friendly competitions. We wanted to know what some of the highlights of the different competitions were.

”I’d have to say some of the competitions we’ve had on our main Facebook Forum to be honest….. Some of them were absolutely outrageous!! We’ve done everything from Jaffa cake eating, to brush selfies, to eating chillies!! Top tip by the way… If you’re going to eat raw chillies wait until after you’ve had breakfast”

”I think if I had to pick one favourite it’d be the “20 second challenge”. “All” you had to do to enter was balance as much decorating related paraphernalia on your head as you can for 20 seconds…. the results were hilarious!! That Facebook group is a right laugh at times. ”

We get many people tell us about the projects that they’ve been working on and when it comes to houses we like to know what everyone enjoys to decorate and why?

Mikes Answer: ”I’m going to go for kid’s bedrooms I think. They’re always so vibrant and fun. Failing that (and I know it’s not a room), but the outside of a house. I love transforming the whole look of the outside of a building, sometimes in just a couple of days. A little bit of paint applied correctly can make a house look new again”

Of-course, looking at the forum and the page with many shared tips and tricks we couldn’t not ask what Mike’s number 1 tip was for other decorators out there.

‘Don’t do it!!!! Become a sparkie!! Saying that, the sparkie forum isn’t as good as ours, stick to decorating.”

It was great to have a quick chat with Mike and I can see why so many people stay connected on the page, if you would like to learn more about what Mike and the team do you can go to the Decorators Forum here.




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