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Flooding and Repair Tips!

This month we have been dealing with ongoing problems surrounding the weather, there has been snow, rain and severe winds. Not only has this caused problems with our roads, but this caused many issues with our homes. Although some homes may need more help than others, we have some tips for homes that have been mildly affected.

In slightly older buildings check for cracks and damages on walls and ceilings. Some cracks can cause moisture to occur which would then cause further problems. If you need to fix leaking/cracks on your roof, we would recommend using Murfill Waterproof coating. This product can be used whilst it’s raining outside. The micro-porous structure ensures hat the substrate is constantly able to breathe while also giving the complete waterproofing protection for your roof.

So to fix cracks that have occurred near window framers we would suggest using Mathys Mur-Filler. This product can be used on active and inactive cracks and because of its elasticity it makes this product very durable.  Another example of the best way to use this product would be on re-jointing your paving tiles on terraces providing there is no stagnating water.

Another area people get problems with is the cellar! When the rainfall has been as heavy as it has in February this can quickly cause problems. A product we recommend for use in cellars is Zinsser Watertite. This is a waterproofing paint that provides a beautiful finish and is designed to keep water out! This product is great for cellars as it can be used on concrete, stucco, brick, cement  breeze blocks and many other masonry surfaces. Another great advantage of using Watertite is that is can be applied to damp or dry walls which is why it’s a great product to use in this weather.

We’re wishing that all this rain will stop soon, but in the mean time hopefully a few of these products can keep your home even more protected from longer lasting damages! As always, if you need any further technical help call us on 01902 710057!

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