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Fully Protected Metal Cladding Systems

This month we’re featuring a special on Metal Cladding Systems. With our products you can be eligible for a warranty if you follow our certified system. Noxyde is one of our favourite products for protection against corrosion even in the severest conditions.  Throughout this month’s blog I am going to give you a quick run down about the 3 key Noxyde products.



Starting with Rust-Oleum Mathys Noxyde, this is a single water-based elasomeric coating with unequalled corrosion protection. Noxyde has easy spray applications which also provides the same protection as over complicated and more expensive polyurethane systems. Noxyde has famously been used to coat the Golden Gate Bridge which is one of the most iconic bridges in the world. This product was used because it can withstand the drastic San Francisco weather changes as well as provide a brilliant colour and finish. Noxyde, is definitely one of the highest rated product in the industrial sector.


Peganox is a single pack water-based elastic coating, optimised for brush or roller applications. This product is also  a heavy duty, waterborne paint. Excellent on all metal substrates including metal roofs and also plastisol cladding. It forms an an elastomeric flexible anti-rust membrane. Peganox is also highly resistant to weathering, as well as chemical attack. Peganox has been specifically designed for use on metal cladding but can also be used on other metal surfaces and provides an attractive long lasting protection.


Rust-Oleum Noxyde Pegarust


Pegarust is a single based elastic coating for application at low temperatures as well as damp conditions. This has been specifically designed for applications where a water based product is not suitable. This product combines flexibility, string adhesion, water resistance, excellent edge coverage and anti corrosive pigments while requiring minimal surface preparation. Pegarust has an elasticity of 200% meaning that it will bend, move with the surface without cracking, flaking or peeling.


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