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Graffiti: Prevention vs. Removal

For most people, if you have unwanted graffiti it is a hassle that you could do without, and you are forced to quickly find a way to remove it. There are a lot of good products out thee to remove graffiti, and as long as you know which ones you are going to use then it is relatively straightforward. Most people don’t have a go-to product that they know will restore the surface to it’s previous state, so to help we’ve put together a short list of effective products to get you out of a bind.

However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that there is a highly effective way of preventing graffiti from being a problem at all! There are coatings that you can use that create an almost invisible barrier between the surface and the would-be graffiti. This means that the graffiti won’t stick and can be easily washed away.

But then this begs the question: which method should you go for?

First of all. . .

There is no right and wrong answer. At the end of the day both methods of dealing with graffiti result in a clean surface. The main difference is in the proactive approach as opposed to reactive.

The main thing that you want to avoid is being caught off guard and not knowing what to do about it.

Removing it:

Graffiti removal is the most common method of dealing with unwanted graffiti. Once you know it’s there you use a graffiti removal product and get it off. We have a few recommendations:

AC4: An effective remover that is effective against most forms of graffiti. It’s not too harsh, meaning it is less harsh on the surface.

Graffi Clean 300: A strong remover, to get rid of more difficult and ingrained graffiti.

SL1 Shadow Lifter: A secondary product to get rid of the stubborn shadows that are sometimes left behind after using a conventional graffiti remover.

All of these products will work well to get rid of any unwanted graffiti that you may have. If you are happy to tackle graffiti after it has been done then these are the products that you should focus on. If you’re still unsure on what product to choose, our technical team have had extensive training in specialising in anti-graffiti. They will be able to help you find a solution.

Preventing it:

If you’re in an area or a business that you think is susceptible to graffiti then you may want to consider preempting the problem. There are a few different methods that you can use, but Graffiti prevention coatings are generally split into 2 categories: sacrificial and non-sacrificial.

Sacrificial coatings provide a non-permanent barrier between the surface and the graffiti, meaning that the graffiti can easily be removed with pressure washing. The coating will come away with it, returning the surface to its original state.

Sacrificial coatings are ideal if you don’t want to permanently stop any changes from being made to the wall. If you think you may want to paint it in the future then avoid a permanent coating, as they are very hard to get off once they’re on. Stick to a sacrificial one. yes it means you’ll have to reapply if you do ever have to pressure wash away the graffiti, but that’s far easier than the hassle of trying to remove a permanent coating.

Use Enviroguard if you think a sacrificial protective coating is for you.

Permanent coatings give a hard-wearing barrier, that will allow you to remove graffiti without removing the protective coating. You wash off the graffiti using a pressure washer or soap and water, and then the surface underneath remains intact with the permanent protective layer.

These coatings are ideal to use if you have a surface that you know you will not be changing the appearance of. Common areas are external walls, where you need a log-term protective solution that will stand up to multiple graffiti issues without the need to reapply.


If you need any help or advice with graffiti related issues then please call our technical team on 01902 429190. They’re on hand to help you find the best solution.



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