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Hello New Beginnings

Out with the old and in with the new

As it is coming up to the beginning of a new year, I thought I would personally share some tips to create some fresh ideas for your home for 2019! As many people face the end of the year a lot of  furniture becomes thrown away and never used again.Many people worry over the amount of money they will spend on revamping their homes for the new year. Rather than ”Out with the old and in with the new.” 

I’m here to tell you to keep the old and make it look newThe best part of this is you can save lots of money as well as creating a whole new style to your home.

Green Life

Plants- Yes plants, bringing a plant into your home can make a real difference and can have vibrant colours without having to paint them onto the wall. If your living room is feeling dull a simple idea is placing a plant in your home. To make this experience more unique I would recommend placing your plant in a wooden box. Wooden boxes are becoming more popular than ever, they are easy paint which means you can design them how you like. By having plants in your home, it can look quite classic, try using a a metallic top coat to show a more modern look. I enjoy the shine on these plant pots, which can also match other metal furnishings in your home.


         Adding height to displays is always a tricky thing to do but these brass planters have solved the problem since they come with a wooden stand, which is a visually appealing way to enhance the house plant.


Have you ever thought about painting shapes into your home? This is less generic and creates a bold twist. Try painting your walls with different shapes and patterns to create a unique design within your home.  If this sounds too extreme, you can even try painting patterns on your doors and also some furniture, this  adds some quirk into you home.  These designs are easily made, First place some cardboard with some marking tape onto your door or even your furniture you can easily spray paint the colour you want to have. I personally like having a black and white contrast and find Painters Touch easy to use. My favourite tip is including a lace cloth over part of your door or your drawers and then spraying paint to create a classic design.  (Pictures to follow)

               The striking dual-toned walls in the kitchen – half light grey plaster and half dark blue paint – are a fresh take on classic wall panelling; the crisp dividing line is a modern replacement for a dado rail, and with the contrasting lighter shade gives the illusion of height and space. For a similar blue/black colour, try Farrow & Ball’s Railings (farrow-ball.com)


As I said before, my favourite tip is adding lace design on furniture. This idea is very individual and there are so many patterns to choose from. You could even use this effect on garden furniture and also metal gates. This trend has been rising throughout 2018 and during 2019 we estimate that ‘Up-cycling’ trends will continue to grow. In children’s bedrooms you can have lighter colours that the children could choose. If you were to buy pre-painted furniture, it would be much harder to then re-design this. This could potentially cost you a lot more money.


Image result for lace chest of drawers                  Image result for lace chest of drawers

Bright Tables

Below is an example of a nest of table that has been painted in a bright yellow, this set of tables would stand out in any home, and rather than having the colour on top, you could use wall paper to place on top of the tables and then seal this down with a clear water based sealer. This would then be a staple eye catching piece based in your living room or even your bedroom. My personal favourite design is using old maps/newspapers, this leaves a rustic feel within your home, below is pictured a map with a white table, however for a more distressed wooden look it would be worth trying using Graphite Chalky paint, after you have painted the wood begin to wax the paint and this will leave you with distressed look.

Dieses wunderschöne, helle Tisches-Nest wurde in Großbritannien mit Annie ..., #annie #britannien #dieses #helle #tisches #wunderschone #wurde                    Nest of tables upcycled. Cavallini world map wrapping paper Decoupage Annie Sloan old white chalk paint


There you have it some more ideas to update your pre-existing furniture! There are many ways to simply save and update your furniture and all these ideas can cost under £20 ! Definitely worth saving money in the new year. If you’re are stuck for any ideas you could always call one of our technicians . The number to call is  01902 710057. No matter what you’re painting from a piece or wood to an aeroplane, our technicians have first hand experience of which products to use. 


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