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It’s Finally Summer – Time for the perfect Spray!

Here at Andrews Coatings we supply a vast number of aerosols. We’re about to give you the run down of our top aerosols and their uses. Some are protective coatings, some are heat resistant and a few are decorative topcoats. We’re here to let you know the difference between them and which ones are best used in different scenarios.


Rust-Oleum 7778/7715

One of my personal favourite aerosols is the Rust-Oleum 7778, this is because this aerosol is heat resistant and black. This aerosol is great for touching up small maintenance jobs and sorting out minor repairs. There is also a brush-able version available should you need anymore. As we’re talking about summer – now it’s finally stopped raining we have decided to get the family BBQ out. The BBQ  each year tends to need a freshen up and rather than purchasing a new one, we like to save money and just give it a respray instead. As this aerosol can be used on slightly rusted surfaces, we always find that a slight touch up covers the imperfections and gets the BBQ looking new again. Rust-Oleum 7715 is the silver version and this looks great on outdoor fire pits.


Andcoat Custom Aerosols

Yes, this is one of our own branded aerosols, we use high quality paint  which can be tinted to over 70,000 different colours. Our aerosols are available in either gloss or satin. These particular aerosols are suited for application directly to metal, wood, as well as previously painted surfaces. Just remember that if the surface is not already painted then it would be best to consider a surface primer or even an adhesion primer. We make these aerosols in house and  we also test each colour to ensure that this product matches the colour you have specified.  These aerosols are touch dry within 6 hours and if you buy in quantities of 6, you’ll get a discount.



Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Aerosols

This aerosol has great durability as well as long lasting protection. The universal range can even be sprayed at any angle including upside making it easier for hard to reach areas. This product also stops rust. My personal favourite of this product is Oil Rubbed Bronze – I used this product for my door handles giving an antique feel to my home. My next favourite colour choice is the pure gold, I have used this on candle holders as well as plant pots. The range offer a great colour choice which is great for up-cycling hobbies. The key thing about this aerosol is that it is also touch dry within 30 minutes.



Zinsser Coverstain Aerosol

Zinsser Coverstain is exactly what it says it is, the high build formula dries to a matt white finish. This product is great for covering stains on walls – If you’ve just moved into a new property and the previous tenants have left nicotine stains on the walls then this product will cover that and will leave the topcoat blemish free. Of course if you’re planning on doing quite  a bit of work it would be advised to use the brush form rather than the aerosol.

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