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Floor Contracting


Our Floor contracting team have worked with floors for many years. Their experience and knowledge gives a far better result then that that is often achieved by doing it yourself. It’s not just knowing the products, and knowing the most effective way to apply them; it’s also understanding floors themselves.

A floor is massively impacted by what it exposed to, particularly in an industrial environment. It’s not just a case of knowing how heavy-duty the floor paint needs to be, you also need to think about chemical resistance, traffic, static, moisture and a whole plethora of other potential issues., and what damage these things may have done to the floor itself. It may be that the surface needs a repair or a primer that isn’t initially apparent. By working with our Floor Contracting Team you ensure that these issues are taken care of.


We can provide a free site visit and quote multiple different options and brands depending on needs, time and of course budget.

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AC Floor contracting

A floor that we painted in a set of prison cells. We had a lot of rules and specifications to meet for this job, but our team rose to the challenge.

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