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Industrial Pain from Andrews Coatings


Andrews Coatings are poised to lead the industry in one of the fastest growing paint markets: aerosols. The ease of use and wide variety of aerosol paints has made them popular in both the domestic and industrial scenes. Our expert team are pioneering the growth of this division.


Our range of aerosols use the top brands, to give our customers the best quality. Additionally we have created our own brand of aerosols, which can be customised to over 72,000 different colours. This means that customers can choose the product and the style to best suit their preferences.

Andrews’ aerosol range can be used for a range of purposes: from giving furniture a new look to repainting a car exhaust. Our products easy-to-use nature also makes them suitable for both the untrained and professional decorator. Because of their diverse range they have become increasingly popular. Our expert customer service team can help you find the paint to best suit your needs and desires.

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Industrial Paint from Andrews Coatings