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Product Of The Month- Zinsser Edition!

This month we have decided to focus on one of our most popular products, which is a great product to use in schools and even offices! The product we’re talking about is the Zinsser Write-On Paint. This product can transform outdated offices and schools into more engaging learning environments, which is something that can be quite challenging  especially if you’re trying to work on projects with large groups of people.


An ideal working environment needs to have enough space for everyone as well as all the equipment. Using Zinsser Write-On Paint will allow part of the room to transform into a write-able surface allowing different individuals to write and draw and engage in different activities. The Zinsser Write on kit covers 30m² per pack. If you do use this to cover a wall, it works best when you prime the wall first with Bullseye 123. Transforming a wall into a writable surface really transforms a working environment and creates more space within a room to work on.

Whiteboard paint can be used on curved walls or on unusual shaped areas, this allows you to be more flexible with the placement of your whiteboard paint. Another great tip about using Zinsser Write-on Kit is that it can also be used on table tops. I personally believe that this makes meetings more engaging as rather than wasting paper, you’re sharing a table with a cleanable surface which is much better for the environment.

Original White boards are non-biodegradable which means they usually end up in landfill sites once they are no longer needed, however white board paints such as the Write-On Kit  are solvent free, meaning they are much better for the environment- this also means its safe to apply the product whilst people are still in the working area. The Zinsser Write-On Kit dries within 4 hours which leaves a white gloss finish, however it is advised not to start using the board until after 24 hours to make sure this has fully cured.

If you’re unsure on how to apply your Write-On Kit then please feel free to contact a member of our team and we will be happy to help! 01902 710057


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