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Property Managers: A Quick Product Guide

If you spend your time working in paint then you know that usually you need a basic collection of products that you can rely on to take care of things when they go wrong, or to help with a scheduled maintenance job. Property Managers know better than most how important it can be to have the products that are needed to hand before a situation can get worse.

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Metal Protection – If there are metal areas that need protecting you can save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run by using the correct form of protection to begin with.

With a lot of metal surfaces the big issue is to keep rust out. Luckily, this is an area that we specialise in. Rust-Oleum have a range of paints that can prevent metal surfaces from rusting, offering various options depending on what best suits your situation.

Combicolor: A great all in 1 rust prevention coating. This product is ideal if you don’t need anything too heavy duty, but you do need something strong enough to fight against rust.

769/780: A top quality primer, made using fish oil to penetrate the rusty surface and expel moisture and air.

Alkythane: A quality, tintable polyurethane topcoat. Compatible with a wide range of primers and undercoats.

1060/1080: A high build primer/ undercoat for durability and a high level of corrosion protection.

1015/1078: A quality heat resistant paint that will withstand temperatures up to 750°C. If you need a product that also contains rust inhibitive pigments alongside the heat resistant capabilities use the 4200 system.


Metal Cladding – Metal Cladding is an excellent protective layer for roofs and walls on commercial buildings, but if it is not maintained properly then it can prove very difficult to fix and create bigger problems for the running of the business.

Again, we turn to Rust-Oleum and Mathys for a selection of products that offer long term protection and quality results.

Noxyde: Noxyde is a single pack product this offers the highest level of corrosion protection. It’s the ideal product the use to give your cladding long-term protection even in severe conditions. Can also be applied directly onto rust, and penetrate the surface with rust-inhibiting pigments.

Metal Cladding Topcoat: Metal cladding topcoat is designed to be used over existing adhered coatings to renew or change the colour of existing cladding. Long lasting, with good UV resistance.

Pegacryl Satin: Pegacryl is best used as a topcoat for Noxyde. It’s tintable to any colour, while Noxyde is only available in those on a standard list. Durable and UV resistant.

Roof refurbishments – Often you can save yourself a lot of time and money by choosing a coating that can repair or renovate your roof rather than replacing the whole thing.

Dacfill HZ: A water-tight membrane for on flat roofs. It’s elastic and will resist one of the biggest issues with flat roofs: ponding water.

Dacfill Waterproofing: A water-tight membrane for sloping roofs. Forms an elastic coat without joints or seams. Also approved for asbestos encapsulation.

Fillcoat: An instantly waterproof paint for sealing leaks quickly and easily. Also available as Fillcoat Fibres, for bridging larger cracks.

remove graffiti

Anti-Graffiti – Graffiti can often be difficult to get rid of, and even harder to prevent in the first place. Luckily we have several products available that can not only effectively remove even the most ingrained graffiti, but we also have coatings to protect the wall from being graffitied.

AC4 Graffiti Remover: A highly effective graffiti remover.

SL1 Shadow Lifter:  An acid cleaner for removing the stubborn shadows that are commonly left behind after using a graffiti remover.

Off the Wall: A unique moisture curing coating that forms a layer to protect the surface from being graffitied. Graffiti will afterwards be able to be removed using just soap and water.

Floor Protection – Floors are often the most worn down part of any building. A floor coating needs to be chosen carefully, as the level of traffic that the floor needs to tolerate will affect what you can use. Choosing a quality product will prevent the need to reapply a new coating each year.

3333: An adhesion primer for dense, non-porous surfaces: power floated concrete, non-ferrous metals and also thermo-setting plastics like fibreglass reinforced polyester or epoxy.

5401: An impregnation primer for porous mineral substrates. Greatly improves the adhesion on brittle and porous surfaces.

Pegakote: A water based, durable epoxy floor paint with high abrasion resistance as well as resistance to solvents. Ideal for garages, warehouses, showrooms, corridors, indoor car parks, workshops.

7200: A single pack urethane floor coating with good UV resistance. Relatively hard wearing. Ideal for garage floors, concrete drives, warehouse floors and garden slabs.

5180: A strong repair mortar for repairing cracked and worn concrete or stone floors. It doesn’t shrink or crack, and it dries to an unequalled level of hardness.

Exterior Wall Renovation – Any exterior paints need to be able to battle the elements, but walls even more so. If the walls of a building look shoddy then it sets a bad tone for whatever is inside.

Murfill Waterproofing: An elastic, waterproof coating, with a micro-porous structure ensures that the substrate is constantly able to breathe while also giving complete waterproofing protection.

Murfill Renovation: An elastic renovation paint, that permanently covers hairline cracks and masks unevenness in the surface.

Anti-Climb: A thick, non-drying coating, designed to deter and mark intruders.


There are a lot of options available for both planned and unplanned maintenance to industrial properties. In an emergency, call our team on 01902 429190 for advice on what you can do to fix the problem for enough time for you to schedule a proper repair. However if you have a scheduled maintenance period coming up then there is a lot more that can be done. And if you use the correct products then you can preempt problems and stop them from developing.

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