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The Andcoat Product Guide

During 2019 we have been creating our own brand alternatives which are more cost effective for our customers. Chances are if you’re after a product we have our own brand version, which ultimately can save you money. During this months blog I will be discussing some of our most popular products. Of course, if you ever need a product and want to find out more information, you can contact a member of our technical team and we will be able help you find the most suitable product for your enquiry.

Andcoat HB

Andcoat HB is a solvent free high build epoxy resin floor and wall coating. This product has the strength and resilience to perform well in warehouses, workshops, factories  etc where forklift trucks and lorries are being regularly driven. It also has excellent resistance to chemical and other types of liquid spillage.



Andcoat Custom Aerosols

Our bespoke aerosols our one of our most popular products – reason being is that we can tint to over 70,000 colours. Our aerosols are filled with high quality industrial  coatings and can be used on substrates such as metal, wood and even previously painted surfaces. These aerosols are made by the Andrews Coatings Manufacturing team and we check each aerosol before sending them out.

Andcoat Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

Andcoat DPM is a 2 pack, solvent free paint that provides a damp proof barrier, it suppresses residual construction moisture and rising damp in concrete and sand/cement creeds. This product is often used on concrete floors that require painting prior to the inside of the concrete being fully dried.  Andcoat DPM also has great coverage with 20m² per 5kg and is touch dry at 10 hours.


For further information please click on the photos where you will be linked to the products that have been discussed. If you need any help at all our team will answer your questions and can tell you in detail about our full range of products.

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