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The Autumn ‘Leaks’ Protection Guide

As we’re now at the beginning of Autumn, this month we thought we would share the ultimate  protection guide for stopping leaks. Especially as the UK is known for its downpours all over the country.  We want to make sure your home has the best possible protection before the Autumn weather truly sets in. For more information on any of the products discussed in this months blog, please contact us on 01902 710057.

The very first thing you will need to do if you notice a leak is to find out where this is coming from. If you know what type of leak you have, it will be easier finding the suitable products. If the leak is causing structural damage, we would recommend getting this repaired as this may be too large of an area to fill with the products listed below.

Rust-Oleum LeakSeal

If your leak is coming form a gutter or a down-pipe than the Rust-Oleum Leakseal aerosol should be sufficient. This aerosol is great for a ‘quick fix’ as this is formulated to stop leaks and bridge cracks.  Rust-Oleum LeakSeal is a rubber coating  that is flexible which makes it great for gutters. This product is also suitable for many substrates including Metal, Aluminium, PVC, ashphalt and roofing materials.

Mathys Murfill Waterproof Coating

If you believe the leak is coming form the exterior walls, then we would suggest using Mathys Murfill Waterproof coating as this is an elastic coating which gives the ultimate waterproof coating. The great thing about Murfill is that this is available in a number of colours and can also be tinted. Many people use this product on hiding cracks and damages on walls as this also stops water/moisture  from entering. Murfill has excellent resistant and can even make buildings look new due to it’s great finish.

Zinsser Watertite

Zinsser Watertite waterproof paint provides a beautiful finish that is designed to keep water out! Watertite can be applied to already damp or dry walls meaning that water problems can be fixed promptly. This product is also formulated to protect against mould & mildew which is a ever growing problem in homes. Not only can this product be used to waterproof the interior of your home, but can also be applied to exterior concrete, stucco, brick, cement and other masonry surfaces. I personally like Watertite as it dries with a smooth eggshell finish.


If you’re still unsure which product to use, please contact us on 01902 710057 and we will be able to advise. Just remember that some leaks may need more work doing to them depending on the severity of the leak. 

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