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The PPG Network Rail Systems Guide

At Andrews Coatings we can provide the coatings that are required for the different specifications for the Network Rail. PPG have exceptional products with great performance and service. During this blog we will be sharing information about the products frequently used in the different specifications.

Not only do they have products suitable for railways, but they also have a range of products to protect a wide range of demanding markets such as Offshore, Mining, Marine and many more.

Sigma Cover 280

This Product is a two component polyamide cured epoxy primer. This product is ideal for steel and non-ferrous metals, as it provides good adhesion, as well as water corrosion resistance. Sigma Cover 280 can be used on Galvanised steel which is why it is used on System N9. (Protective system for galvanised steel- polyurethane topcoat).

Sigmadur 550/520

System N9 as previously mentioned can then be over coated with either Sigmadur 550/520 (550 = Gloss / 520= Semi Gloss) These topcoats are UV and weather resistant thus making it ideal for use in areas with harsh atmospheric conditions. This product can also be applied in temperatures down to -5 °c which means its non-chalking.

Sigamdur 540

Sigmadur 540, formerly Amercoat 440HS, is a two component epoxy acrylic finish. This product uses higher level of colour and gloss retention so that over a longer period of time and will not fade or wear out like other conventional paints. This coating is used in specification M20!

These are just 3 of the many products which are suitable for railways. To find out more please call us on 01902 710057 and we will be able to help you find the right products for the right specification.

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