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Thinking about New Years Resolutions?

We all think of the same few things when we are looking at doing New Years Resolutions: get fit, eat more healthily etc. And then around January 5th, when there’s still a pile of chocolate from Christmas left over, or the gym is packed with people who have had the same idea as you, resolutions start to die off. So this year, we thought, why not try something different? Rather than some self-improvement, set out on some home improvement!


The outside of your house is exposed to a lot more than the inside, and yet because we spend a lot more time inside instead of outside it’s easy for things to get forgotten about.

Fences and Railings: Whether your fence is metal or wood there is a lot you can do to improve the look, and protect the surface.

Combicolor is a popular choice for metal fences. It can be used even if the surface has already started to rust, and protect it from further damage. It’s available in any colour that you like, it’s an easy to use all-in-one system, and it protects the surface from rust.

For a wooden fence there are so many choices to choose from, depending if you want a varnish, wood stain, or a paint. A popular choice is fassilux, because like Combicolor it can be tinted to any colour, making it aesthetically appealing.


Roofs: painting a roof is a bit more of a tricky job, but it’s one that can’t be ignored. If your roof is already damaged and/or leaking then treating it quickly is key to preventing further problems from arising. We have a range of roof repair and protection products to help with this.

If the roof is in fine condition and just needs refreshing then the job becomes a lot easier. There are a lot of options for both flat and pitched roofs, but if you’re unsure as to what would be best for you then I recommend giving us a call and our team will work out what will give you the best long-lasting finish.


Exterior Walls: This is the largest and most seen part of the house, so it is important that it is well maintained. The product that we most commonly recommend is Murfill Waterproofing which forms an elastic waterproof coating. It’s also micro-porous, so it will allow moisture to leave the surface but not enter it, allowing the surface to breathe. It’s also tintable to some colours, giving you much more variety then you would have with some other products.

Another option is Keim Soldalit, a technically advanced mineral based paint for exterior walls. It’s one of the most durable and breathble paints on the market, so it gives a long-lasting attractive finish, and it is also available in almost any colour.


Since the inside is the part of the house that you spend the most time in, you want it looking just right. And you’re far more likely to notice the problems and imperfections on the inside. So here are a few easy ways to freshen up the look of the inside of your home in the new year.

Floor: The trend over the last year has been Chalky paints, because they give an attractive, soft, matt finish. But it is less known that you can get the same chalky finish in a floor paint. It’s ideal for domestic floor boards, to give them a fresh, and yet not inorganic look.

If a chalky appearance is not what you’re after, then look at the 7200 floor paint. It’s available in any colour, meaning it can match any colour scheme of any room. We can even colour match for you. And it also gives a durable and attractive finish.

Walls: Whether you have old wallpaper that you want to paint over use Wallpaper Cover-Up, or smoke and water stains that you need to cover then use BIN, or you just want a fresh coat of paint to freshen things up then look here.

We even have whiteboard and chalkboard paints to turn walls into a writable surface. These are great for office spaces and children’s bedrooms, especially if your children have a habit of writing on the walls!


Make a New Years Resolution that you’ll actually want to keep!



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