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Industrial Pain from Andrews Coatings

Working with the best brands: Bollom

Bollom paints consist of a range of high quality intumescent paints, coatings and varnishes. This brand has developed a reputation for delivering great and lasting results, which is also why it is specified on a lot of fire protection jobs.

Part of what sets this brand apart from its competitors is how user friendly it is. Not only is it ideal for professional and commercial jobs, but it is also well suited to the domestic market. This is largely based on the fact that the products are generally very easy to use, and the specs are kept relatively simple compared to other intumescent products. But what also sets Bollom apart is the quality of the decorative finish that you are left with.

The Bollom range covers a wide range of intumescent applications, with reliable result across the board.

Metal: For metal surfaces Brosteel Ultra 60 is your best option. It gives up to 60 minutes of fire protection, and it can then be overcoated with Flameguard to get the desired finish. It’s a simple and yet highly effective system.

Wood: For wood there are couple of different options to choose from. If you want a painted finish then you go for Broflame Basecoat followed by any of the Flameguard Topcoats. But there is also a varnish option for if you want to retain the appearance of the wood: Intulac Ultra Basecoat and Topcoat. Both are effective forms of protection and are very easy to apply.

Walls & Ceilings: For Walls and ceilings Bollom have developed the Flameguard system, with the Basecoat followed by the Topcoat. This gives a Class 0 rated (highest rating)  system that also leaves an attractive painted finish.

We offer Technical support and also specifications for the Bollom range. So if you are looking for an intumescent coating system then give us a call on 01902 710057 and one of our team will be able to help.

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